"Nicholas brings to his work the expertise of a seasoned performer and the warmth and care of a true
educator. He has the unique ability to meet students where they are and give them individualized
instruction that brings about immediate and concrete vocal growth.
I particularly appreciate the great depth and breadth of Nicholas' artistic knowledge and his gift for
communicating concepts succinctly and positively so that they can be grasped and owned by his
Nicholas teaches more than just voice.  By example, he teaches his students how to live
" –  Kathryn Stieler ( Tenured Professor of voice – Grand Valley State University)
"Nicholas Loren is an invaluable help to any person in pursuit of beautiful singing.  He generously
shares his breadth of knowledge gained from years of professional singing and his own passion for
the art.  He employs a method of teaching which includes technique, interpretation, diction, and
performance practice. A solid technique is secured by clarification, and is built upon and
strengthened with every session. He is eager to enlighten and generate understanding about the
vocal process.  He is a treasure and we are so privileged to have him in this area."
– Diane Penning
(Professional soprano and adjunct instructor of voice – Grand Rapids Community College)
The vocal guidance, singing development, inspiration, and encouragement offered by Mr. Loren has
helped the Holland Chorale reach its greatest vocal potential since my arrival as artistic director in
the year 2000. It is my hope that this collaboration continues for many years to come.
On a personal note, as part of my continuing education as a singer and a conductor, I have privately
studied voice with Nicholas for the past two years. My vocal growth under Mr. Loren’s tutoring has
been so significant and rewarding that I plan to continue after my retirement as artistic director of the
Holland Chorale."
– Gary W. Bogle (Artistic Director – Holland Chorale)
"Five out of five stars!  Nicholas Loren is a world-class vocal coach who skillfully combines a
nurturing spirit with tenacious attention to detail.  He is truly one of the finest teachers of singing
with whom I have ever worked."  
  – Phil Holmes (Voice Instructor – Cornerstone University)
"Mr. Loren is one of those rare virtuosos who teaches as well as he performed! Indeed, after one and
one half years of study, it is obvious that Mr. Loren is one of the most knowledgeable and
inspirational vocal instructors I could ever imagine. His work with help make the Chorale into one
of the premier American choral ensembles marked by singers with artistic versatility."
– Ron Toering (Vice Chair – Holland Chorale Board)
"As someone who has no intention of using my voice professionally, studying with Nicholas has
allowed me to discover the sheer joy of singing. His relaxed and caring manner removes all tension
and encourages proper vocal development .  He has a wonderful way of communicating technique
which makes lessons both enjoyable and exhilarating. Nicholas is a gift to our artistic
  – Lorma Williams Freestone (Executive Director – Holland Area Arts Council)
Student Endorsements